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Infiniti Predictive Forward Collision System

INFINITI has made many advancements in how it's vehicles perform, but also how they react to outside situations to help prevent accidents.  One such technology is INFINITI's Predictive Forward Collision Warning system.

INFINITI Helps You Monitor Your Surroundings

By using advanced technology to calculate the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, as well as the speed of both vehicles, INFINITI can detect the possibility of a collision, and help you avoid it.

Anticipate the Road Ahead

INFINITI uses the world's first 2 car avoidance system that warns the driver of risks that may be obscured from the driver's forward field of vision. It can not only sense the relative velocity and distance of a vehicle directly ahead, but also of a vehicle traveling in front of the preceding one.

Risk Detected

The system alerts the driver with visual and audible cues allowing a driver to react to conditions on the road in front of them that they may not have seen.  The Predictive Forward Collision Warning system helps support the driver by giving information about what is occurring ahead of them.

Infiniti Predictive Forward Collision System

How Does INFINITY's Predictive Forward Collision Warning Work?

While driving, the vehicles in front of you may decelerate or change lanes abruptly giving you little warning.  In these situations, INFINITI's Predictive Forward Collision Warning helps alert you of a possible dangerous situation.  The system calculates the distance between your vehicle and up to 2 vehicles ahead.  It also measures the speed of each vehicle.  When the system detects driver irregularities, it sounds alerts helping you avoid a potential accident.


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