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Infiniti Towing Guide

When you think you Infiniti you think luxury and comfort, but did you know Infiniti also has many vehicles that can tow pretty heavy loads.

  • INFINITI QX60 (5,000 lbs)
  • INFINITI QX80 (8,500 lbs)

Obviously before you attempt any towing adventure, your primary concern should be safety.  For many Infiniti owners, towing trailers or campers is a new experience and can be pretty exciting, so it's important to do it right from the get go.

2019-infiniti-qx80 Towing Guide

Towing Checklist

  • Know your Infiniti's towing capacity.  Check your user manual or contact your Infiniti Dealer.
  • Use high quality towing equipment
  • Use a trained professional to install towing equipment
  • Inspect all equipment and make sure all bolts are completely tightened.
  • Inspect all equipment for any sign of corrosion or issues.
  • Know how much you plan to tow and remember to never exceed the established towing capacity for your INFINITI
  • Make sure your hitch is rated for the towing capacity you want to tow.
  • Use the appropriate safety chains or cables.  Safety chains are installed in case the hitch should break or come loose.  A good rule of thumb is to cross the chains under the hitch providing a safety net should a mishap happen.
  • Inspect your lights and make sure your tail lights and blinkers are working properly.  A converter box is required to have the trailer or camper lights function correctly.
  • DON'T TOW with an INFINITI vehicle until it has a good "break in period" of around 500 miles.
  • Make sure your INFINITI maintenance is up to date.  Towing places more demand on your vehicle, so it's important to check fluids and make sure brakes and lights are functioning properly.
  • Tire Pressure - Refer to your INFINITI's user manual for tire pressure.  In general when towing cold weather tire pressure is recommended.  Also make sure that after towing the tire pressure should be adjusted based on temperature recommendations.
  • During Towing - drive slower than normal, provide extra time for stopping or slowing down, take slow turns, be cautious during lane changes and always checking blind spots and use turn signals in advance.

Follow the checklist above and you will be much safer and tow with confidence.

Infiniti Towing Guide

For more information on Infiniti Towing, please refer to our 2019 Infiniti Towing Guide.











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